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In this special Food Pranks episode of How To Magic, Evan Era from EvanEraTV shows 10 Easy and Funny How To Magic Food Pranks that you can do at home! Step by step instructions for each prank (use extreme caution for the exploding cake prank) and all the magic tricks are easy to perform and perfect for beginners and kids! Have fun and #LaughAtLife my friends!! :) L@L SHOP COMING SOON!!!

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Magic Pranks & Tricks Revealed in this Video:
1.) Magic Shocking Pack of Gum Prank – 0:35
2.) Fake Out Ketchup Mustard Squirt Prank – 1:11
3.) Magic Exploding Birthday Cake Prank – 1:52
4.) Fake Fly or Spider Ice Cube Drink Prank – 3:35
5.) Magic Water Change to Wine Trick – 4:00
6.) Hot Sauce Jelly Filled Donut Food Prank – 5:12
7.) Chocolate Laxative Ex Lax Food Prank – 6:11
8.) Exploding Diet Coke and Mentos Magic Prank – 7:15
9.) Sit Up Challenge Towel Pie in Face Prank – 8:25
10.) Magic Miracle Fruit Berries Taste Trick – 9:16
Bonus Trick) Magic Disappearing Salt Trick – 10:52

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More Magic Pranks Here: http://bit.ly/28RQg3c

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  • The Ultimate Narwhals 5 years ago

    The poop dinosaur that pooped and jumped over the banana moon in the even era universe

  • Hussain Almusawi 5 years ago

    your house is dangerous put a keep out sign for your pranks

  • Space Kitty 5 years ago

    If someone who plays the piano is called a pianist, why isn't a person who races called racist?

  • Bromie 5 years ago

    The guy that ate the jelly donut looks like a young marshal mathers ( Eminem)

  • Cooper Green 5 years ago

    Hi my name is guy Wats your name guy that's a stupid name you stupid guy

  • Parsa Montazery 5 years ago

    I love evan and he love cheran

  • Lonely Potato Productions 5 years ago

    random random random comment comment comment

  • jason policarpo 5 years ago

    My mum farts on my leg to wake me up to go to school

  • Molly Hearn 5 years ago

    My Xbox doesn't work because I ate the battery

  • Lonely Potato Productions 5 years ago

    silly question but I am a very good and the end result

  • Milan Blazeski 5 years ago

    Why elephants can't jump……..because they don't know how to jump!!!

  • The lemon Slice 5 years ago

    a dude:where do you learn?
    me:in school.
    a dude:whatsyour name?
    me:how they call me.
    friend:what will you eat for dinner?
    friend:what food?
    random girl:excuse me,where do you live?
    random girl:where's your home?
    me:where I live?????

  • Ethan Ross 5 years ago

    Elephants set on McDonald and then it got big hips

  • Θεοδόσης Σαράμπης 5 years ago

    A potato salad has eaten the cat's hair ball

  • Sieb -o- tastic 5 years ago

    Yo Evan! Whats (ketch)up!

  • Rigon Hoti 5 years ago

    EvanEraTV here's a joke I hope you laugh:)

    Once upon a time in the forest all the animals were excited because a new shop was opened and all the animals of the foresf made a HUGE line in the morning waiting for the shop to open!Unfortunately the rabbit came last so he tried to go through the others and go in the beggining of the line!While he was going through the F5ox stopped him and said:Where are u going?The rabbit said:At the begging of the line!So the fox said:Oh really?Then why are we waiting here?!So the rabbit got kicked to the end of the line!The rabbit repeated the process but the Bear stopped him and after the same conversation the rabbit got kicked at the end of the line AGAIN!After repeating the same process the Lion stopped him and and they had the same conversation again and after being kicked once more the rabbit said:You know what!?! I think I won't open the shop today at all!

    I hope you laughed and have a great day ????

  • Kingsoccer Box 5 years ago

    2 out of 5

  • draac Gaming 5 years ago

    and i put a poop in theri mout

  • Tishanth Manoharan 5 years ago

    Say attic

  • Atharva Shukla 5 years ago

    Evan era plz I am subscribed plz give thumb tip I am only 12 year old boy plz

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