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Phelan, Brad, and I play the AFHV VHS game, with hilarious results!

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • seven seven seven seven seven seven seven 5 years ago

    A brain hemorrhage! Hahaha!!!

  • seven seven seven seven seven seven seven 5 years ago

    The babies always won because 90% of all Americans are pedophiles. It's true, look it up.

  • docthemetalfreak 5 years ago

    funnier stuff said in this video than anything Bob Saget said in the entire run of the show

  • msminmichigan 5 years ago

    Bob Saget hated doing AFV but couldn't get out of his contract. You can really tell he was just going through the motions after a couple years.

  • Tessa Grayscale 5 years ago

    You should play more of these older games! Hilarious!

  • Tareltonlives 5 years ago

    Dear America's Funniest Home Videos-
    Cute=/=funny. Gross=/=funny. Sad=/=funny.
    That is all.

  • ElNingyou 5 years ago

    Watching you guys do captions with the rest of the clips on the tape actually sounds like a good time.

  • Master Markus 5 years ago

    That completely earnest hate of baby videos. I love it.

  • Art Evol 5 years ago

    be kind, rewind.
    yet nobody ever did….

  • Rhodri Mawr 5 years ago

    Glad to see these kind of shows are shit no matter what country they were from. It must be the absolute cheapest possible tv

  • ronald ocallaghan 5 years ago

    played this with youtube old AFH video clips and caption only. it was a blast

  • Charles Wagner 5 years ago

    Dog Walker. Oh jesus.

  • Mr. Liberal 5 years ago


  • Max Nyström 5 years ago

    Oh i Love tom

  • Mr Hobgoblin 5 years ago


  • calamaty 5 years ago

    So true those damn baby videos always won no matter how unfunny.

  • James Pollard 5 years ago

    You guys should totally do the Star Trek TNG VHS game.

  • Misheard Metal 5 years ago

    I love the comradery between you guys, also did Brad admit to having Bigfoot herpes? 27:49

  • Jan “Nekoroms Random” Andersson 5 years ago

    that wedding clip was obviously "one episode of house"..too bad that cant be zipped into one word

  • Madison Hobbs 5 years ago

    That Doug Walker reference though ???

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