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BATTLEFIELD 1 FUNNY MOMENTS – BF1 Shenanigans Gameplay! The epic and hilarious moments that happened in battlefield1 gameplay! Bf1 memes Gaming and trolling snipers to take the objective! Melee charge weapons and medic syringe kills! All in BF1 open beta! gamescom footage coming soon #Battlefield1
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  • Glitched 3 years ago

    Good Job Doom49 :)

  • Joseph Dougherty 3 years ago

    Laughed so hard awesome video

  • Sir Dankens 3 years ago

    Really love the new editing and intro! Keep it up!

  • Alijah Maldonado 3 years ago

    They were pretty good

  • Moist 3 years ago

    pls more bb

  • Your videos are awesome keep up the good work doom !! ??

  • James Russell 3 years ago

    10/10 would shovel again

  • RavenTD46 3 years ago


  • Trent Shade 3 years ago

    i really like this video and the editing is really good as well

  • HarshGaming 3 years ago

    This was actually one of the best videos that you have done. The way that you did the text and how they flew in and such, that was really impressive. Good job man.

  • Justin de la Garza 3 years ago

    Dude you have the funniest laugh ?

  • Bri Spa 3 years ago

    you rock dude. bf1 beta was great and will be looking to you for footage to keep me sane until release

  • Nizar Mahmoud 3 years ago

    the editting is magnificent.

  • LilaHaze 3 years ago

    Haha when the plane was carrying a other plane, I feelt like "Aww look there… Mama Bird giving Baby Bird some flying lessons! ."but then they touched the ground and they burned in an freakin massiv Fireball :/

  • 72Toryu 3 years ago

    Its enjoyable to watch it DooM49
    More please! :)

  • Steve Danger 3 years ago

    Great editing man keep it up!

  • Agentdamien1 3 years ago

    i pissed myself laughing through the whole vid. keep it up bru.

  • Kpen97 3 years ago

    semxy visuals and edits, Kreygasm keep the new edits dude GabeN

  • b0bbyb444 3 years ago

    Its such a huge change with all the edits thrown in but seriously i think it really does add to the videos even though it takes up so much extra time. If you decide to do more heavily edited videos but that means you'll upload less often, it is WELL worth the wait to me. Keep on having fun and potatoing around Doom :D

  • Tyler Steinwachs 3 years ago

    Doom49, this is great and gave me a laugh(considering I'm pulling an all nighter right now) it's even funnier! Love the edits! Keep it up bro!

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