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Gorillas gone wild!! We’ve got some quite convincing ape costumes and aren’t afraid to use them to scare the hell out of some unsuspecting victims! Also we like mice. Many of you are probably wondering why a Gorilla AND Mouse pranks – well, feel free to post your best theories in the comments!

In this action-packed episode, we generously give you:

– Trapped With Gorilla – http://youtu.be/HvIgHb2npOQ
– Gorilla Attack – http://youtu.be/jyce1BJytAs
– Painting Gorilla Prank – http://youtu.be/LDxEC-Q_DwI
– Security guard eats mouse – http://youtu.be/S83iUUmka7g
– Gorilla Pranks Humans – http://youtu.be/0jjBZCXb-Nc

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  • Azam Ali 5 years ago

    extremely funny ??????????????

  • Loc Nguyen 5 years ago

    i love her . she has a cap 6:36

  • Luiza Minegirl 5 years ago

    l love kkkkk

  • Billy the pretty girl 5 years ago

    4:53 I love the, "EEK! IT'S A RAT!" dance. It's universal.

  • Ali Ahmed Khan 5 years ago

    I guess I saw the woman in 0:33 in another prank tho it's funny

  • Gold Meghan Norva 5 years ago

    the last video i think it was the best video for me

  • Do Thuy 5 years ago

    In Painting Gorillas, someone is too shock and sympathize with him. I can look that in their eyes. Good prank!!!

  • Ratheesh Pillai 5 years ago


  • sukhdev singh 5 years ago

    Good very famous

  • lightning Snow 5 years ago

    love the gorilla

  • Ayush Patel 5 years ago

    that was awesome

  • senteya korkees 5 years ago

    I love it ????????????

  • Amir behzadinia 5 years ago
  • Mauro Mauro 5 years ago

    ja ja ja ja ja ja ha

  • MrZovar 5 years ago

    The first Gorilla prank…the woman in the black shirt goes all quiet XD XD Funny as F!

  • DiepSpartan119 5 years ago

    Ride of the planet of the apes

  • memretubehd 5 years ago


  • dinchy12 5 years ago

    1:20 Surprise Buttsex

  • Bacon Goat 5 years ago

    6:35 Lmfao got so excited to find out they're on a show

  • Алимгуль Азатхан 5 years ago


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