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Veteran Prankster Marie-Pierre Bouchard presents her Top 10 favorite gags!
Here’s what’s in store:

Smoking Baby – http://youtu.be/yvUgUKguDsc
Police Puppet Show Gag – http://youtu.be/vzkZVeS_bvU
Blonde Girl Disappears Prank – http://youtu.be/dDfUF9ex7PA
X-Ray TV Reveals Sexy Girl in Lingerie Prank – http://youtu.be/jAsjBuRyVzk
Electroshock Therapy Gone Wrong – http://youtu.be/Dakma84plB0
Angry Hot Girl Throws Phone In Fish Tank – http://youtu.be/-ZPHPSlvaus
Shopping Cart Car Crash Prank – http://youtu.be/u1qIVX8_-Gg
World’s Worst Handyman Prank – http://youtu.be/a93kg9vdI5Q
Naughty Kids Trample Injured Biker Prank – http://youtu.be/CvnGX1R1j90
Underwear Laundromat Express – http://youtu.be/2Mg0pbByooQ

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  • Genesis Sarriera 5 years ago

    Jajajajajajaja jajajajajajajajajajaja ???????

  • David Platt 5 years ago

    marie pierre puppet is as hot as real marie pierre

  • Raju Gotardo Jainani 5 years ago

    People like Shivansh just want to watch porn
    He admits he just likes her face
    Pathetic he is in the finest sense

  • capslock825 5 years ago

    if it were me, i would recognize her face at first

  • Sloan Pilgrim 5 years ago

    Absolutely my favorite comedian on the show. Go girl.

  • Elaine Crusit 5 years ago


  • Integrafreak1 5 years ago

    Cute af

  • cristina westenburg 5 years ago

    The background music is amazing

  • Shivansh Dixit 5 years ago

    pathetic……just like her face!

  • Shivansh Dixit 5 years ago


  • Duong David 5 years ago
  • Bruno Hernández 5 years ago


  • david kessler 5 years ago

    super marie pierre je tadore tu est génial!!!! et denis levasseur aussi

  • DJ Drako! 5 years ago

    ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 4:10

  • prospero alim 5 years ago


  • Subidubidubi Du 5 years ago

    Where is this filmed, in USA? I've noticed that most of the people are French yet everything else is written in English, from words on police cars up to road signs.

  • Jatyra Campbell 5 years ago

    I love you too favorites gags

  • yayuk yayuk 5 years ago

    im so happy best just for lugh is so funy……??

  • ahmd Asdfd 5 years ago


  • Rubic Cube 5 years ago

    Is she single?

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