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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Jeffrey 4 years ago

    This whole crowd fucking sucked so much cock. Those miserable cunts that didn't find him funny should of drank bleach

  • Clint Armstrong 4 years ago

    Awful crowd, Bill amazing as always

  • Tumbler 4 years ago

    I'm joining the bandwagon in the comments: What a shit crowd.

  • carlos santana 4 years ago

    crowd shit, but Bill cut the schwarzenegger story too hort. you can see he wanted to leave the stage asap

  • d1234 4 years ago

    what a fucking pathetic crowd

  • Bravo B 4 years ago

    Those Canadian shit crowds in JFL are always fucking terrible, not just with Bill Burr

  • bangtwister 4 years ago

    That crowd sucked.

  • Bistro Alladin 4 years ago

    You literally hear Bill end with "ugh.."

  • Paul Thoresen 4 years ago

    oooh he mentioned race oooooh everybody get under your chairs and wait it out maybe the bad man will leave

  • Fire Horse 4 years ago

    Either the audience are photoshopped or they dont understand English.

  • Lukia Bl 4 years ago

    Dead crowd

  • Tara Vera 4 years ago

    I wonder why this crowd even came to a Bill Burr's standup comedy! They should've have gone to church instead.

  • Ville Mononen 4 years ago

    Extreme tight-ass audience. Pussy-whipped to the max. I wonder for who or what they came for? Good set though, couple good laughs! Have you noticed how "Just for Laughs" often are the weirdest clips, especially how they edit them together? Those awkward audience member zooms with their fake lame reactions. I could swear they just have a bank of such material from different eras, the chalkboard editors sticks them wherever. Dead faces ahoy. Try as they might, they cannot ruin a good set.

  • Trey Cormier 4 years ago

    i cant believe ive never seen this before! this is gold!!

  • ssforlife M 4 years ago

    'you guys were great' hmm that's a LIE

  • wicklow abby 4 years ago

    I'm kinda bummed out.. I think I've heard all his material. there's nothing left to live for

  • lebnen143 4 years ago


  • Stoner Simpson 4 years ago

    Sucky crowd!

  • The Death Twitch 4 years ago

    Shitty crowd? Yes, but the only mistake this bad ass comedian made was hesitating for those split seconds between jokes to gauge the audience's reaction. They could sense he was gauging them in his hesitation so they hesitated to laugh. He should have just machine gunned those jokes right at 'em regardless of their reactions and they wouldn't have stood a chance against such comic brilliance.
    Btw yes I suck, I'm no comedian, and I have no place to speak on these matters as if I know or understand such dynamics. However I hope to one day have the balls to even attempt to entertain a bunch of undeserving drunk assholes like this, and I hope when that day comes I can deliver even a percent of this mans talent.
    No I won't stop sucking his dick, you do however always have the option of looking away….. but you won't.

  • Christian Lee 4 years ago

    yeah im agreeing with everyone saying that that was a shit crowd.

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