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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Haqim Fauzi 3 years ago

    call the fucking ambulance dumbass

  • Andrei Video Chanel 3 years ago

    Doamne fereste. Ma mir ca nu a murit.Omg .I dislicked this video,sorry,but i cant look at his leg

  • Gytis Vebra 3 years ago

    Its says funny but i dont see whats so funny its so much pain

  • Halimeai Pula 3 years ago

    Ba frate ce om prost

  • Jean Keke 3 years ago

    Gros fou !!!

  • hawks12game 3 years ago

    U don't let go of the bikehahahah

  • Simon 3 years ago

    I ride bmx and that must hurt but I look funny doe ahahahhaHah 

  • Jesse Luciano 3 years ago

    At least he wasnt a fucking pussy about it that shit..hurts to look at

  • amcanın oğlu 3 years ago

    İts not funny
    Look at distance please you have to be brave do jump from there

  • Bob Carl 3 years ago

    What a boss

  • R3MiXoOs 3 years ago

    That hurts 

  • Nick Hunter 3 years ago

    That's not Funny he broke his leg stupid

  • rafal rafal 3 years ago

    fuck is not funny

  • MrSWAGboss 3 years ago

    this isn't funny

  • Harry Suggy 3 years ago

    It was a bail

  • Zack guinn 3 years ago

    This is not funny at all???!!

  • MrLittleimp 3 years ago

    In what way is this funny, what a shame!

  • COD4974 3 years ago

    Ti sta bene

  • Sugar Cain 3 years ago

    lol legs flopping about all over the shop

  • Fx BLAZ3 3 years ago

    Was you a proper bmx rider and try it again .

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