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officer we have some coke in our trunk..


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happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • MusicZee 3 years ago

    Why did the cops go to some 4 boys over nothing?

  • D4 NNY 3 years ago

    That music on your videos is annoying

  • Justin McCombs 3 years ago

    1:23 lololol so perfect. XD

  • pretor89 3 years ago

    This is pretty clever

  • suomynona 3 years ago

    "Its not a big deal" meanwhile a 12 foot boner is sticking out of her pants!

  • mathew anufe 3 years ago

    That was genius!
    I'm so Tryin that

  • Matthew Sullivan 3 years ago

    Notice the Asian cops name is kwon

  • Panda Status 3 years ago


  • jolly roger 3 years ago

    The crack was in the coke cans

  • Asmr guy 3 years ago

    You all should've been fined for wasting police time

  • Northface 531 3 years ago

    y play music i want to hear what they say

  • DeeAnn Johnson 3 years ago

    Almost 13 million views in one day! WTH!
    ( WTH: What The Heck)

  • anitaboneshow 3 years ago

    Ha! Now you can sue!

  • Mauro Emenenti Rivera 3 years ago

    The cop saw the camera 0:42

  • Laura Leszczynski 3 years ago

    These cunts need to go sit in lock up for48 hours.

  • WeThePeople Yeah 3 years ago

    Plot twist… THE COPS SHOOT THEM!!!!

  • sa ce 3 years ago

    It's all fun and games, gentle handcuffing and hand shaking shit because these are white skateboarding looking motherfuckers. Had these punks been minorities there would had been ass kicking, skull cracking, and bullets, lots of bullets instead.

  • jimmy roberson 3 years ago

    cops intrap people, we should intrpae them!

  • mark miranda 3 years ago

    yeah he is fine

    your fine

  • jose paredes 3 years ago


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