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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec
Video Rating: / 5

happy wheels 2 demo


  • Nick Papa 5 years ago


  • toni14072006 5 years ago

    grazie delle risate che ogni giorno regalate

  • DailySheepVlogs 5 years ago

    I love how you guys put in so much effort into your videos!

  • NegativeEffect 5 years ago

    only between two pranks i witnessed 2 thousand people just subscribed the channel. i didn't subscribe yet. I don't know. it kinda makes me feel special someway.

  • jack flash 5 years ago

    0:35 a rejuvenated dionne warwick?

  • Lino Bonnici 5 years ago

    moltooooo piutostooooo!

  • A Fermin 5 years ago

    Please bring back the "epic old man"

  • Adeel Adeel 5 years ago

    camera man 04:55

  • amer ali 5 years ago

    Very funny

  • develores s 5 years ago

    last one is so well made hahaha

  • Iris Helguero 5 years ago


  • Iris Helguero 5 years ago


  • Claudio freitas 5 years ago

    tá pegando fogo bicho

  • Almapura 5 years ago

    heyyouheyyouheyoyu HEY YOU!!

  • james arnold Silvido 5 years ago

    so good jfl

  • ROCKY FRENCHY 5 years ago

    I would love to get a hold of these guys I have a crud load of pranks for them to use

  • Larisse Amany 5 years ago

    Eyy you stop starring at the screen click here instead??

  • Myra Bantayan 5 years ago

    its really fun

  • paulo macamo 5 years ago

    I want to congratulate the JFL Gags for the joy that behind me every week, success in your work, be like this forever

  • ‫ولــد الــغَــلْــبَــآء‬‎ 5 years ago

    There are 86 confused kids who don't know the difference between the like and dislike buttons

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