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During the tweetmails, Geoff The Robot casually claims to “have a place” in various locations. They both finally crack up, pushing Craig into an historic fit of helpless, teary-eyed laughter. Geoff’s invisible mouth organ only adds to the mayhem. ROFL! May 19, 2011

Should not be viewed at work or in other quiet environments where composure is expected.

IMO, this probably outstrips all Craig’s other classic laughing milestones. xD

Footnote 1:
Although Geoff’s voice is usually a series of pre-recorded sound bytes, this was one of the nights he was live-voiced and operated by Josh Robert Thompson.

Footnote 2:
“Bonnie from Edinburgh” is very likely entirely bogus, but was the final straw that tipped it from funny to those waves of hysteria.
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  • Sarah Martinez 6 years ago

    i just had a laughing attack watching this ! Hahahahaa. i love this guy. hahaha

  • osborl12 6 years ago

    Quick, someone mention to Craig Daffy Duke.

  • g0alierox 6 years ago

    hahaha this is amazing xD

  • batilda 6 years ago


  • muziqueonmymind 6 years ago

    0:45 best part!! "heeeeeY"

  • Fergufool 6 years ago

    @Stephanie Shank The senders are real viewers. Most of what they ask is bogus.

  • Bellaenna Baratheon 6 years ago


  • Christian Metoyer 6 years ago

    The fucking harmonica sounds are so fucking funny and Craig starts to cry!

  • Man O'Neal 6 years ago

    Isn't it strange how there's nothing funnier than people laughing?

  • Stephanie Shank 6 years ago

    Are these letters real?

  • MrTHEMONEEMAKER 6 years ago

    Oh hell ya! XD

  • Samuel Pérez García 6 years ago

    Not sure, but I think it's because they found themselves repeating the same lines from the previous joke and it was getting absurd how Geoff had places everywhere.

  • creatip123 6 years ago

    Watched this 3-4 times, and it still cracks me up everytime….

  • Hazacoolfred 6 years ago

    wow i couldn't stop laughing when they both laugh i was on the floor

  • Kiara Masso 6 years ago

    i don't watch craig ferguson, i just randomly stumbled upon this video, and when i noticed the tardis on his desk i nearly screamed XD

  • GamerzPro1231 6 years ago

    Probably just repetiton. He said the same thing for his new Orleans home. You can tell right when geoff was about to say it Craig saw it coming and when Geoff said the first words he started cracking up. It's just how comedy works.

  • BigPapaShitz 6 years ago

    Ferguson has slowly but surely become the best late night talk show host on television. Hands down.

  • Wolfkaiser Auria 6 years ago

    the only thing Jay Leno doesn't have in the show is a talking robot that plays the harmonica, i'm imaginating now is Jay with a comedic robot lion that plays the Harps

  • Trollitch Bond 6 years ago


  • shockraid1 6 years ago

    Leno can't kick Geoff's ass.
    Geoff has no ass.

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