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Dirt 3
Grid 2
Crysis 2
Bioshock Infinite
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
F1 2013
Goat Simulator
Mars: War Logs
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim
The Elder Scrolls Online
Need for Speed Shift 2 unleashed
Need for speed franchise
DmC Devil May Cry
The Last Remnant
Darksiders 2
Hard Reset
Remember Me
Ridge Racer Unbounded

happy wheels 2 demo


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  • The Soldier 5 years ago


  • 8Fails 5 years ago

    Nice Video! Liked 😀
    Can i use it my next compilation ? :D

  • EGGGOR :3 5 years ago

    bro, demo pls?

  • VerseciousGaming 5 years ago

    OMFG LOL, for some reason youtube unsubscribed me from all my subscribed channel so my 1 year sub streak is now gone ;C

  • WowaxD xd 5 years ago

    hahah the defuse man xD

  • Kevin Uchia 5 years ago


  • Flyximus 5 years ago

    Hahaha that ninja tho

  • Baklap 5 years ago

    nice vid :)

  • StrikePlays 5 years ago

    rofl 😀 I just wondered who the fuck put out a smoke right there cause I thought it was 1 of your teammates xd

  • Optic Disrespooct 5 years ago

    Lmao that was fantastic ?

  • SkilledGaimzzHD 5 years ago

    Noob much!! :/ You dissapoint me yet again :/

    Nice video tho bby :D

  • Romain Vidal 5 years ago

    Sympa le ninja quand même xD

  • daniel horn 5 years ago

    like a ninja :D


  • Wambo 5 years ago

    Hahaha LOL

  • AgentAnton1 5 years ago

    +Onn Sight Crosshair?

  • Emanuele 5 years ago

    RIP Lol :)

  • Milky HD gamer 5 years ago

    Hahaha nice video

  • Magnitude Gaming 5 years ago


  • Poot Poot 5 years ago

    THIS is why I play with my volume maxed out!

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