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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec
Video Rating: / 5

happy wheels 2 demo


  • random user 5 years ago

    that song at 3:20 i luv it! i would want to know the name of it xD ?

  • Daniel Frigyes Vala 5 years ago

    how muscular neck that woman have at 02:15! wow!

  • Haftor Smari 5 years ago

    so, uh this is in canada?

  • krishnan srinivasan 5 years ago

    LOL :)

  • Adelaide Amatuzo 5 years ago


  • Giulio Resta 5 years ago


  • Adaury Rodriguez 5 years ago

    So, who does one call to rent a garbage truck? I need this for reasons.

  • Jonney Shih 5 years ago

    The first one is SICK!

  • Play_ Sonic 5 years ago

    классно привеккк

  • ‫امون اماني‬‎ 5 years ago

    والحمدلله اني مسلمه

  • Sergey A 5 years ago

    По моему нечто подобное уже ранее было у вас на канале или я ошибаюсь ?

  • Juan Ruvalcaba 5 years ago

    hey, I loved watching but these gags are duplicates that some other show has already done, just wondering if you won't get sued for copying somebody else's material…who ever doesn't believe me look up dead man elevator prank and you will see this was done in another country first…makes me wonder now if you guy's have stolen other shows material..

  • Fiffinono 5 years ago

    yeaahh no way i would tough them freaking teeth!!!!

  • Matthew T. 5 years ago

    The fake screams ruined it

  • Steven Cottingham 5 years ago

    funny. but, i have been a mortician. they don't dress you. the clothes are cut in the back. guess most people don't know that.

  • BobRenoir 5 years ago

    the 1st one is great!

  • mbenge erick 5 years ago

    très amusant

  • mbenge erick 5 years ago

    très amusant

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