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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Dat spacemonkey 3 years ago

    Yeah east Belfast is the last place u find a linfield fan and mate we're fucking awesome

  • Ivan Drago 3 years ago

    These 'local' comedians are so detached from working class culture they don't even realise that East Belfast is the last place you would find a fucking Linfield fan.
    Go back to your mansions in BT9 you fucking BBC cunts.

  • Pearse Toman 3 years ago

    Is it by fuck!

  • hoopenhanger 3 years ago

    This is a load of shite.

  • Hannah rebekah dickson 3 years ago

    this is to funny!! 

  • ROGER YOUNG 3 years ago

    ha ha

  • Kongou The Waifu 3 years ago

    Canned laughter spoils it

  • Paddy B 3 years ago

    Really are there is probably some ejet in Belfast that would try that

  • gunboy0904 3 years ago


  • gunboy0904 3 years ago


  • Networkm8 3 years ago


  • XDvloggerz Newry 3 years ago


  • ULSTERBOY201 3 years ago

    This is dereck the infield fan

  • GamersGuide 3 years ago

    Is that the same actor who played as Uncle Andy from Give My Head Peace? ._. … My god… this is funny as hell XD

  • stephen88hox 3 years ago


  • Cormac123456789 3 years ago

    Funny video, I have a few of my own (Belfast related) check them out

  • Mark J. Cairns 3 years ago

    I wish BBC Norn Iron would release "DRY YOUR EYES" on DVD. It would sell out.

  • switchitoff1 3 years ago

    Could happen.

  • Jezzikuhrxo 3 years ago

    omg is that uncle andy and cal from give my head peace? :')

  • Jordan Geary 3 years ago

    @hadwll it is

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