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Dota Funny Moments 2016
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0:08 March On – Eithan Meixsell
0:35 Boy Oh Boy – Diplo & GTA
0:45 Hackbeat – Kevin MacLeod
1:05 Crawdad Stomp – Josh Kirsch
1:17 Barge – Gunnar Olsen
2:36 The Expendables 2 Teaser Trailer Music
3:00 Firebrand – Kevin MacLeod
3:28 Glee Club Polka – Kevin MacLeod
4:07 Spazzmatica Polka – Kevin MacLeod
4:36 Whistling Down The Road – Silent Partner
4:55 Ain`t nothing but a G Thang -Snoop Dogg feat. Dr. Dre
5:06 Extinction Level Event – Jingle Punks
6:19 Pedro Versus the World – Jingle Punks
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  • Александр Зеленкевич 4 years ago

    Жадность инвокера не имеет границ) Мало того что рампагу сделал, так ещё и мидасом сразу же после замеса крипа убил)

  • ;-; privatedaniel 4 years ago

    these clips are so unfunny and boring… close to cringey with these lame gifs in the corners, and oh yea copying Dota 2 watafak with these thumbnails & editing ( which is also lame )

  • Bodea Flaviu 4 years ago

    How did Bristle kill everyone?I saw in another a similar instance exactly the same thing,how is he doing it?

  • JetNet Gaming 4 years ago

    Dat Gaben Dance tho

  • hubi532 4 years ago

    nonsens music nonsens inserted gifs

  • Коля Романов 4 years ago

    Simple plagiarism with DOTA WTF

  • Dota 2 Good Fights 4 years ago

    Через несколько часов тут будет много иностранных комментариев, так что лайкай этот каммент что-бы мы были в топе!

  • Nekto - Show 4 years ago

    а ты русский или нет :D?

  • Franklin Rosales Mendez 4 years ago

    el mejor video que has hecho hasta ahora

  • Franco Poma 4 years ago

    I love this part 1:40 xDDD better than dota wtf

  • Vagabundo 4K 4 years ago

    Buen video me gusto me suscribo

  • Aldy Kyle Capangpangan 4 years ago

    Waaiitt! ! Why is there no illuminati on the Lich rampage xD

  • KingShano 4 years ago

    amazing quality, gj 😉 like, my english is bad.. so… Saludos desde Perú! xD again, Good Job <3

  • TheSoundita 4 years ago

    О, эта царская тефтелька от Инвокера (~*-*)~

  • Orignal Gamer 4 years ago

    Can you PLEASE stop with the fake laughs, vidoe is good but they are so annoying

  • Prince Blaze 4 years ago

    You deserve more subs.

  • MarXe & Pannic 4 years ago

    pero que clase de dota wtf es este ;v

  • Zamri 4 years ago

    First video they're actually laughing at Tinker dying to neutral creeps

  • TheArtGamerz 4 years ago

    nice video man. keep it up

  • Paulius Se 4 years ago

    Pls avoid using that laugh scene from long-time joke. It's really stupid on my opinion and frustrating, otherwise Keep up, love your videos! <3

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