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Dad is not impressed.

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • PHIL-yes-PLZ 4 years ago

    How big a boy are ya'?

  • Viktor Balassa 4 years ago

    If i was your father, I would tell you to paint the hole room new, if you already started the preparation for it….

  • Allen Carmack 4 years ago

    dang damnit

  • Brandi Mims 4 years ago

    " I'm ready for you , I ain't worked your ass in a long time" lmao

  • Ivy Poison 4 years ago

    lol…he pulled the daddy card on you.

  • james alexander 4 years ago

    rocky mount lol yall live in north Carolina?

  • Mikeus Bergeron 4 years ago

    i love ghost n stuff its a great song

  • McBlemmen 4 years ago

    that didnt go perfect at all in fact it went the exact opposite of perfect , he was onto you IMMEDIATELY

    what a moron …

  • Oliver Cloezoff 4 years ago

    Who in their right state of mind would go anywhere near back home after hearing that?

  • Kodi Marshall 4 years ago

    his dad is gay he said he will go threw yo ass

  • Kaya Jones 4 years ago


  • Kaya Jones 4 years ago


  • samoan soulja 4 years ago

    Hahah the dad reminds me of Yondu from guardians of the galaxy

  • That's a "re-done" living room? yikes….

  • Makaykay Eldridge 4 years ago

    Couldn't he just never come back their? and hide? Or something

  • Stefanie Latham 4 years ago


  • LeavesOfGrass100 4 years ago

    You from Rocky Mount NC ??

  • Dukes3677 4 years ago

    What kinda bike tho?

  • Manuel Enrique Peñavera Liekens 4 years ago

    Rocky Mount, NC? HAA!!!

  • Nicole Smith 4 years ago

    I aint whooped yo ass in a long time … lmaoooo

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