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happy wheels 2 demo


  • InuzukaLegend 4 years ago

    3:50 that girl must've wondered like "Why is he crying? You ok?" lol

  • Jonathan Davidson 4 years ago

    Dangmattsmith looks like a young Jimi Hendrix in the video!!!!

  • James Mei 4 years ago

    jeez people from UK vs people from US…

  • Mr.Dogger 4 years ago

    Wicked witch of Compton dead

  • Otaké San 4 years ago

    the girls at 5:15 were so fucking hot

  • Ya Ki 4 years ago

    Search for IRELAND, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND next time!! English speaking countries yo

  • Spencer Phelps 4 years ago

    I died laughing on the popsicle jokes ????

  • Keelyan Barrett 4 years ago

    It's only funny when you find the guy from Michigan

  • Miranda Crayton 4 years ago


  • Evan Stuart 4 years ago

    Yo this all Def digital ad is fucking perfect

  • WinterTheHuman 4 years ago

    I had to re start the video because I laughed at the "Wicked witch of Compton" through the whole thing.

  • Shreeyash Pawar 4 years ago

    dude on wht app do u chat

  • Warccful 4 years ago

    funnny little kid xd

  • lego manster bootleg 4 years ago

    Realy! jokeing about terrets! I have a mild fir of terrets and it still affects my everyday life! Fuck u!

  • Ezequiel Garrido 4 years ago

    I see that your tourettes are kicking in hahah

  • DevAero 4 years ago

    dope af.

  • Jacob Knudsen 4 years ago

    Don't click Read more

    You are a rebel, i like you

  • Jesus Bautista 4 years ago

    what song it that 13sec.?

  • Evan Sines 4 years ago

    4:42 their faces are like, scrunched up. its weird.

  • Wowta

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