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This Funny video is about siri sex in the library with words like fuck me or pussy ass titts fucking hard and more strong adult words.This is the best siri prank in the library and its like Try not to laugh because its to funny and its impossible to not to laugh.
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  • ♥ ImaginarySoulMSP ♥ 4 years ago

    id be that one bitch who laughs really loud cuz why not

  • peaches the awesome 4 years ago

    Do this next(hey Casey my friend Joey he is 17 and my mom is 45 and he raped her and my mom is a faggot so it Joey and there was cum all over the second floor and now Joey comes over every night now to get dat booty please come over tonight Casey to show you what happened and my mom is drugged to

  • Tilemahosbra 4 years ago

    This is cancer.

  • jaden Jones 4 years ago

    harder harder fuk me harder me so horny me so horny im about to orgasm

  • iHeartAnimals 4 years ago

    "my mum asked me where all the bananas in the kitchen had gone. don't tell her theyre up my pussy."

  • Cadance Rutherford 4 years ago

    Niggah alert niggah alert hey you Blonde bitch Want to suck off Some Big Black Dick i will make u scream big daddy D i will fuck you in the ass do hard it will make u bleed then u have to walk side to side

  • ali maisum 4 years ago

    Use these

  • ali maisum 4 years ago

    Take care of your flat ass and black balls, because you might get kicked by your sister's pussy and try to find a long cock for her Vagina. But Oh my shit! Damn! You looked at iher boobs! How small they are! That's the reason I don't wanna bang your sister again cause she has very tiny boobies and fat tits! Cause If you concentrate Even wankers don't like to jerk off on her black annoying pussy! But she's awful at blowing and giving handjobs. Fuckin' Bollocks! Fuck Off!! ??

  • ali maisum 4 years ago

    Imma punch in your dirty face yo! Dumbass! Ouuu! Better Nah come next to my crap! Because i see you everyday! You know how!!! Whenever i take a poppie in your sister's bed after i fuck her! And your asshole sister is learning how to play the game (Bang-Bang) and I'm teaching that hoe. But that little bitch is pathetic. But I enjoy having sex with your sister and mom. But Yo! Ask your mom to stop using Dildos cause it has no cum, as all men know that she loves tasting different people's jizz. ? and ask her to make sure that she doesn't finger in the shower ? and I've even heard that she uses ? instead of dildos. I mean! What The Fuck?! And unsure you do call me again if she feels like having sex.

  • ali maisum 4 years ago

    ??Yo! Fuck 0ff! Son Of a Bitch! Dick Sucker! Pussy! Cunt! Fuckin' Gold Digger! I Fucked your Mama so hard! Go and ask her You whore's kid! Yo! How's that Slut! Yep!!! I'm talking about your mama you piece of a shit! Piss off! Bloody bastard! MotherFucker Rascal! Wanna know how you were born? So basically your dad was gay and your mama was lesbian and i fucked her so hard right in her ugly pussy that she finally became straight, and then after those fuckin' 9 months a bastard came to this world! And that's you nigger! Yes! You Fuckin Dick sucker! Because your dad was a faggot he couldn't bring you to the world so i had to help that gay porn watcher!

  • KAMROCKS1009 4 years ago

    oh yes oh yes! That is so good daddy yes!!! YES!!! MORE MORE!!! OH YEAAAAA!

  • angus gilmore 4 years ago

    At 7:46 there is going to be cocaine. look at the sign…

  • TheMattd546 4 years ago

    Siri should say "IF it smells like fish… its a good dish…. IF it smells like cologne… leave it alone" lmao

  • //-// Fine 4 years ago

    No credit to the guy who did them wtf

  • yum cake 4 years ago


  • Leon Liu 4 years ago

    at 2:19, when the guy was walking away though!

  • Bravo Hoops 4 years ago

    new message from brodie… hey babe, my asshole is really crusty and sour from last night. can you cleanse it for me?

  • Ahmad Mahmoud 4 years ago

    New massage from dad: it was very fun to play with your pussy and i hope that we will do this often again and i know also that you love master cocks ill give you this time 37 dollars

  • Ahmad Mahmoud 4 years ago

    Omg the last one

  • Ekyro 4 years ago

    New message from Tommy, my grandma's genitalia hangs like a sorcerer's sleeve.

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