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Funny TV NEWS Moments | Interviews, Fails, Bloopers and Mistakes. Best tv news and shows live fails, bloopers, accidents, mistakes and funny moments. Reporters and celebrity (celebrities) fails, bloopers, mistakes, interviews and funny moments.

Funny TV NEWS Moments | Interviews, Fails, Bloopers and Mistakes

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • otp ls 5 years ago

    8:55 and the following part are my two faves! Also I'm sure he meant 'jumping in with words" but dayum that was smooth.

  • silly _starr 5 years ago

    get it brenden

  • AMB_Gaming 5 years ago

    A fuck truck!!!! XD

  • Stephany C 5 years ago

    the most funniest said: " commercial? " O_O
    oh y'know, IT'S my mistake and that's my fault. XD LOL!!!!!

  • 69ShadesOfTeemo oo 5 years ago

    3:54 Say something to the nation. Were gonna FUCK SHIT UP!!!

  • Dhrumil Shah (Personal) 5 years ago

    You know why I'm here.

  • Dana Pollard 5 years ago

    LOL fuck truck

  • Remember To Smile 5 years ago

    3:42 And that when the dab was invented

  • roadtrippinkey 5 years ago

    same clips this uploader has in his other videos. his sound sucks aswell in this and his other videos.

  • AngryKitty 5 years ago

    That senator/congress guy could totally get sued for that. He uttered threats on fucking video for the whole world to see. Threatening someone with physical harm or death is an arrestable offense.

  • Kyar Parham 5 years ago

    10:09 is hilarious because the guy wasn't on his seat

  • Dezmond Mccroskey 5 years ago

    I Lmfao when she said fuck truck

  • Seb Sharma 5 years ago

    4:59 tKes hi.m To an elevator

  • LoneWolf [D] Legacy 5 years ago

    Elevators 0-0 hate em

  • ModerPlayz 5 years ago

    Did anyone notice @keemstar at 0:55

  • mz40oz 5 years ago

    hahahaha the guys fighting with the table lol

  • SonaaGirl 99 5 years ago

    4:23 hungaryyy

  • thenerdfamily s 5 years ago


  • mirtillo love 5 years ago


  • Its_JayyP 5 years ago

    Stupid mike Tyson

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