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  • crashpal 5 years ago

    the fire one wan't funny. Pedo could've hurt himself

  • lordalessan 5 years ago

    What are they singing at the end?

  • Eternalfluxx 5 years ago

    Gotta love Tyrion

  • Jon Yu 5 years ago

    lol @ joffrey staying in character with natalie dormer's fuck up at 1:03, what a great actor

  • Luka “Lukenda” Croatia 5 years ago

    1:06 hahah that line xD

  • TheBlackPhoenix100 5 years ago

    1:27.  Tyrion WOULD do that though.  Probably whilst walking up to the block too.

  • Thomas Lorentzen 5 years ago

    it's so awkwar seeing tywin smile at the beginning….

  • STRATOS ZAFIRIOU 5 years ago

    no comments

  • IndianTelephone 5 years ago

    Go home white walker, you're drunk!

  • Duygu Gonul 5 years ago

    Omggg Tyrionnnn, love you so muchhhh hahahahahha

  • juliana lopes rosa 5 years ago

    luv you tyrion

  • Slaughter919 5 years ago

    1:52, love watching Nick slide while going wooooooo!

  • 1:24 We shit our pants when the White Walkers come.

  • MasterChiefSamus 5 years ago

    See? Jaime moved his hand! I knew Game of Thrones was fake! I knew it from the first day, the Lannisters won but made this series to give false hope to the fools against them. #JaimeForKing

  • Erinyes 5 years ago

    They can make a season with everyone just being out of character.

  • 1:25 ….. i knew it was cgi… but ffs….

  • Ryan Dartez 5 years ago

    Peter Dinklage dancing up to the camera, like a badass who just doesn't care. The Dinkles indeed…

  • Lu Si 5 years ago

    ahhh dammit, they are funny. now i won't take them as evil in season 6

  • I Look Like Diamond City Material 5 years ago

    1:06 Was tjat Danish?

  • Phi Yen Nguyen 5 years ago

    What's the song in the background?

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