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###The Guy in the video is Canadian Rapper Mattiya, you can listen to his music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_FXqX57QME

This happened during a theatre lecture of ours at York University in Toronto. We’re happy it could make some people laugh, it was a funny coincidence. We were in the middle of class and one thing to another no one really knew why they ended up laughing so much!

WAIT FOR THE MOMENT 00:35ish seconds !

Hope you enjoy, laugh, haha we couldn’t believe it. The original video was longer but decided to cut it down for the best part.

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  • M Fayyaz 3 years ago

    This is fake??

  • TausKi 3 years ago

    What the fuck seriously? Kids…

  • Hat sia 3 years ago

    fucking dumb

  • slug237711 3 years ago

    Man these girls are beautiful…

  • Hari 123 3 years ago


  • Hooman Bean 3 years ago

    To all you humorless buzz kills in the comments, lighten the fuck up. Not everyone wants to be miserable like you.

  • Martin Murphy 3 years ago

    not faked but not funny

  • Kayla James 3 years ago

    he looks at the camera and tilts his head haha that was the best part

  • Black Stones 3 years ago

    Le seul truc d'hilarant dans cette vidéo, c'est le rire de cochon de la fille ! xD

  • ImGamerpro 3 years ago

    i dont see whats so funny.

  • JacobdoesVlogs- And Gaming 3 years ago

    I didn't really even get it

  • felice bennett 3 years ago

    I don't get it, how was that funny

  • Angel VanZant 3 years ago


  • Mustafa Alrubaee 3 years ago

    Am i missing something?

  • soap mactavish 3 years ago

    next level funny

  • Bricks and blocks Lego reviews and more 3 years ago

    This comment will get lost

  • Jamaal Jamison 3 years ago

    Thats so fuckin mean…

  • cole wuenschel 3 years ago


  • Kaiser Amadeus 3 years ago

    When the video title says it's not fake, that's when you know it's fake

  • Habz Rahmn 3 years ago


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