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Is this the world’s worst parallel park? Woman takes THIRTY MINUTES to reverse her car into a space

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  • hamzino 3 years ago

    this is my favourite video on the Internet

  • Abel Villa 3 years ago

    please somebody walk to the driver and laugh in their fucking face. peace of garbage driver.

  • Loyal Crusader 3 years ago

    that idiot should have her licence taken away from her and never allowed near a vehicle again.if her parking is as bad as that then what hope is there for her when she's out on the road?

  • Omar Mendoza 3 years ago

    "she's no comprende" ???

  • Why doesn't she just turn when she's backing away so that she fits into the space?

  • Jeff Isaacson 3 years ago

    "LET HER PARK! LET HER PARK!" lmfao! :-D

  • bigbullbk 3 years ago

    Since this is Europe, I have to wonder if she was probably driving a stick shift.

  • bigbullbk 3 years ago

    She refuses to turn the dam wheel. lmao

  • Luke Nationwide 3 years ago

    what is going on in the head of the girl in the black car to walk off and leave her car to get rammed another 5 times…

  • Luke Nationwide 3 years ago

    the guy mentioned thet this was already going on for 20 minutes before they switched the camera on, and they had already been down to her to offer her help and she refused……

  • jdman1699 3 years ago

    She doesn't seem to understand that you can turn the stearing wheel before you start moving

  • Jerry Perry 3 years ago

    If car could move sideways there'd be no fuckups like this.

  • Tom Woodthorpe 3 years ago

    Straight out of Viz's Sexist Records.

  • Sonyah Deppe 3 years ago


  • Tassia Starlight 3 years ago

    So I failed my first test over missing a mirror check on one occasion, and on the same test banged out reverse parking without a problem, and this woman passed? Serious? The number of twats I see on the road, it's difficult to believe sometimes that examiners don't take bribes.

  • John barfneck 3 years ago

    she  just locked her keys in the car after finally getting it parked……….

  • Frank Franklyn 3 years ago

    Second visit here to view this again.  And yet again … I cannot believe this person has no idea that she has NO concept of special awareness.  Would she really consider herself to be adequate in parallel parking?  Surely not.  As far as steering is concerned, she doesn't understand left turn, right turn, left turn reverse, right turn reverse in what effect they have when using them in getting her where she needs to park.  It's scary that his woman got a license in the first place.

  • Svendsen64 3 years ago

    Next time she will know exactly how to do it! Or will she ….??

  • a FREE LOBSTER DINNER 3 years ago


  • Charles Hargrave 3 years ago

    I am so mad

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