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Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has such a cute laugh!
And Chris Hemsworth’s Thor has such an annoying red cape!

I uploaded this because this was so funny! Enjoy! ­čśë

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  • INDIGO BLUEoO 3 years ago

    0:32 NO CAPES! and 4 a reason´╗┐

  • ashli674 3 years ago

    Tom and Chris were such toddlers, how did they get anything done?´╗┐

  • Lady Deadpool 3 years ago

    Thor broke his hammer….
    Thor: ANOTHER!´╗┐

  • missmiley78 3 years ago

    lol to funny
    loki: your not pressing it
    thor: yes I am
    starts laughing both of them
    love that bit but there all funny awhh I love Toms cute laugh I love how tom does impressions of Chris like Bro dude I love them both tom and Chris both amazing remind me of brothers in real not there characters even though they are in the movies I love the slapping scenes were Janes keeps slapping them must of took several takes to get it correct :)´╗┐

  • Maisie Newell 3 years ago


  • Diana Espindola 3 years ago

    0:48wat wuz tht 4?! tht wuz hilarious!XD´╗┐

  • Lucy Hartwell 3 years ago

    Loki's latest plan: A cape that strangles Thor.´╗┐

  • Miranda Lava 3 years ago

    0:41 his face is like 'seriously?'´╗┐

  • rosy opal 3 years ago

    0:29 Lokis/Toms laugh is everything! ? so sweet!´╗┐

  • Max G. 3 years ago

    0:07, Tom luce tan lindo que incluso es linda…´╗┐

  • Muna Ahmed 3 years ago

    That how I get into character bro´╗┐

  • Laura 3 years ago

    "Cloak and Hammer: The Downfall of Thor"´╗┐

  • Azara Wolf 3 years ago


  • El Hoho 3 years ago

    Anyone noticed that here 0:20 it was not Tom Hiddleston? When you pause you can see his stunt face.
    Aaaaand can anyone tell me what he was saying here: 0:23? i mean loki? :< i cant understand´╗┐

  • Elvira Productions 3 years ago

    0.22 Tom's using a Monty Python character voice. hehe´╗┐

  • Whitney Couch (Flarity) 3 years ago

    Wait, at the last part where Loki, Thor, and Jane are standing on the cliff what was Loki saying?´╗┐

  • Audrey Lokidottir Holmes 3 years ago

    0:22 Nyah! Love that noise!´╗┐

  • Katie Goins 3 years ago

    Oh my god I keep re-watching this. Tom's smile at the very end though. Heheh´╗┐

  • Roxie Lopez 3 years ago

    Love the last part..

  • tapjar85 3 years ago

    I thought tom said "you are being fu$ked in a red cape, make it really really count"…hmm naughty naughty.´╗┐

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