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Ned, a radio DJ prankster faces “discrimination” when he calls a retirement community about accepting gays. No offense, Yankees fans 😉
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  • San dro 4 years ago

    Am I the only one who finds homophobia in women to be a turn on?

  • James C. 4 years ago

    About once every two months, I find a video that makes me laugh until I cry. This was one of them.

  • ChaoticCat 4 years ago

    ned? this is xt0rt from z103 cacaw

  • Joseph Penguin 4 years ago

    Lmfao this guy kills me hilarious

  • sdw261 4 years ago

    This doesn't make any sense because gay men don't live long enough to get old they die of AIDS, Suicide and all sorts of health hazards from being gay. Dirty fagots.

  • George Montague 4 years ago

    @GeorgeMontague2  I am to start our grey gay care home in Brighton, UK. Simply because the majority of OAP, 3/5 of whom are ladies, are understandably homophobic and do not accept homosexually so that a none gay man (I do not like the word straight) is in heaven and a gay man, although I don't believe any more the best word is hell. George Montague, author of "The Oldest Gay in The Village"

  • jinxtroller007773 4 years ago

    I felt bad for this woman until she threw gays under the bus

  • Cory Cashatt 4 years ago

    Crotchless adult diapers. xDDDD 

  • Take Detour 4 years ago

    Wow, she's trying to put the moves on him.

  • Andrew Goster 4 years ago

    I'm absolutely flabbergasted lol??? 

  • fuzzywzhe 4 years ago

    This poor woman was trying so hard to be nice.

  • MrGrevy 4 years ago

    The cunt on the phone is pretty awful. A fictional radio character makes more sense than she does.

  • danielhako1 4 years ago

    bubba the love sponge :)

  • moriya2k2 4 years ago

    Sheesh, the woman on the line was more offensive than he was.

  • drpottz 4 years ago


  • Eddie Jackson 4 years ago

    call her back lol

  • burkegowings69 4 years ago

    102.5FM Tampa. Bubba The Love Sponge.

  • anthony templin 4 years ago

    Hahahahahaha this is great

  • Jacob Valentine 4 years ago

    sounds jewish lol

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