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Drugs are bad kids… mm’kay.

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Shane Tipton 4 years ago

    Shoot this bitch.

  • Richard E. 4 years ago

    so so very sad.

  • Kitty Puss 4 years ago

    Sad! No drugs for me.

  • Kiss Hunt 4 years ago

    please give me coke I want coke

  • ProjectFlashlight612 4 years ago

    Funny compilation?  More like depressing as shit compilation.

  • wero golden 4 years ago

    Nice ass for the guy in the minune 7:23!

  • Eli Dial 4 years ago

    Republicans suck

  • chicken wing 4 years ago

    i wonder whats going through their minds when they're like that…

  • what the fuck the first video was in english?

  • Cloudy011 4 years ago

    This is denomic These are simply demons taking over the average human being You better be ready they can happen to any of us The Lord Jesus Christ is the only way For protection This is real You can have your sister to your mother Your brother I don't think this is funny at all These are people Being taken over by demons She was begging for help She was begging for help Do we understand each other now High as fuk Ain't going to cut it this time Quick slide in by the true reason for this going on Satan is here Sorry

  • CrossroadsProductions 4 years ago

    I feel bad for the guy writhing around on the ground in the uk

  • Jerome Foster 4 years ago

    Umm…drugs are bad mkay

  • heelty 4 years ago

    sad not funny… time for catoon

  • spiveyarmystrong 4 years ago

    are they trying to speak English in the first video?

  • Bluedrizzle719 4 years ago

    the lady in the yellow is funny too lol… why is she moving so much? she looks like the girl from the ring too… at some points…

  • Bluedrizzle719 4 years ago

    lmfao… This is sooooo funny! I'm laughing like crazy…
    the lady in the floor was funny…

  • Lucero Pecina 4 years ago

    I honestly want to feel bad for these people, but I don't, they brought that shit on themselves

  • Elle Boynton 4 years ago

    The black lady reminded me of that scene in Scary Movie where the chick was getting fucked by a ghost.

  • Khaleel Khan 4 years ago

    The lady was just getting F'd by some horny devil ? ??

  • MsMetallication 4 years ago

    that fucktup when peopple abuse drugs you know is nothing wrong use it or drink. or anything you like but dont losse control U got to keep control of ur self…whe R free but that freedom need to be controled by U self✌

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