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Hilarious pets pranking other pets and people.

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Original Links:
Stray cat steals dog’s food

Bird steals food out of another bird’s mouth

Prank calling puppies

Corgis vs. giant crayon

Kitten steals straw from owner’s iced tea

Bird stealing rice

Cat traps dog in blanket

Raccoon steals pumpkin

Bird wakes up dog

Dog tries to take baby’s food

Cat pops out of container and swats owner

Cats tentatively approach water bowl

happy wheels 2 demo


  • Ambrose Leiske 5 years ago


  • Jayden McCowan 5 years ago

    o.21 funnel web cat

  • drwhufun 5 years ago

    meh too

  • Jamie Polson 5 years ago

    I don't see how most of these are pranks. They are just pets doing cute and funny things

  • Gustavo Machado 5 years ago

    1:08 gow cuteeeee

  • ShadowFlame740 5 years ago

    its just a prank bro

  • Himanshu Besoya 5 years ago

    pups dial 911
    Reciever:whats your emergency
    pup:yip yip!!
    Receiver:Track this number, imma take his ass down

  • jason cormeir 5 years ago

    AKA " boc bocc "   " thebcbuds4200 " (youtube accounts of crazy, classic, questionable

  • Róka Gamer Recip 5 years ago

    Cute Dogs… They eat the Telefon xD

  • DR Halll 5 years ago

    0:30 Lee Spielman

  • Ryan Tidalgo 5 years ago

    failarmy brought me here

  • gilbert delacampagne 5 years ago

    2:32 :D

  • Dagi Stuntman 5 years ago


  • Zquirrel 5 years ago

    2:14 like "what dafuq dude?"

  • KIRITO 5 years ago

    Came here from Failarmy.

  • Ownage Dan 5 years ago

    What breed are the puppies playing with the phone?

  • carter the ghost boy 5 years ago

    P R A N K E D

  • Robin Seplut 5 years ago

    With raccoon very good

  • Hayden Elavia 5 years ago


  • Kali Rowan 5 years ago

    They should do a warrior cats vid XD

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