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A pregnant little girl probably isn’t what you would expect to see while walking through the park. Well, unless you’re in a hidden camera prank.

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Fit Well 5 years ago

    did you guys catch the man who pretends to be woman? guy who has white tanktop and sunglasses looks like man!!! He has a muscle too that appears very clear on his shoulder!
    I suspect :o

  • Rico Antoni 5 years ago

    Click Ear?

  • Serious Boy 5 years ago

    I was watching Eminem too XD

  • Chloe O'toole 5 years ago

    It isn't true

  • Brooke Stilinski 5 years ago


  • Guadelupe Gonzalez 5 years ago

    the song is hilarious

  • yeahmayyne94 5 years ago

    Wtf ????????????

  • yeahmayyne94 5 years ago


  • Michael Tallman 5 years ago

    how stupid wtf

  • YOLOTurtles952 5 years ago

    People probally think she had sex or somthing

  • Jelean Faith Valdez 5 years ago

    that's impossible

  • Kranti Kale 5 years ago


  • maimai marcaida 5 years ago

    What is that

  • güzel paylaşımlar01 5 years ago


  • click4dylan2 5 years ago

    The entire audio of this video is faked and edited in afterwards. Jeep Cherokee ignitions do not sound like that, neither does their engine, and neither does the doors closing sound even remotely similar. They just used stock sounds and put as little effort as humanly possible in making this video.. and earned millions doing it. Great job

  • Ernesto 5 years ago

    I was watching ricegum how did I get here

  • Monir Ali 5 years ago

    damn,,I was watching porn

  • itz meh cute eilidh!! 5 years ago


  • Jypsy Rose 5 years ago

    omg people fell for it

  • Mark David 5 years ago


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