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Funny pranks on cops in public! I went around and offered people a “little pot”! http://publicprank.com

More pranks ►► http://goo.gl/dSlnz

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  • Mistii 3 years ago

    and they say black people are mean smfh…..

  • Mistii 3 years ago

    and they say black people are mean smfh…..

  • Kamal Nayan 3 years ago

    got killed by laugh!!!!!!

  • Gethy123 3 years ago

    Outro song = DJ Sennett – Young And Free
    hf :)

  • Toni coni 3 years ago

    Was that Travis Fucking Barker at 2:00 ?? what mall is that lol

  • KneipbrødHD 3 years ago

    4:52 the cop holds her hand at the pistol ready to shoot!!!

  • MasterChiefsGirl 3 years ago

    dayum dude you met travis!

  • Danial Ikhwan 3 years ago

    fuck that bitch for blocking the camera

  • David Ballesteros 3 years ago

    I came from 9gag

  • Mushroomy43 3 years ago

    Public prank – Pot dealers (GONE WRONG) (GONE SEXUAL) (IN THE HOOD) (GUN PULLED)

  • Asetric 3 years ago

    If the cops at the end started arresting him and he resisted would he get fined?

  • maximisxxx 3 years ago

    2:22 This man wearing USPA with a hoe next to him????

  • Jex2112 3 years ago

    In that last one, if the kid was black, he would of been thrown on the floor quicker than he could blink. :P

  • explodingraindrops76 3 years ago


  • Michael Talamo 3 years ago

    Venice, yo. LAAAA

  • SuperNT 3 years ago

    ….these people dont have a sense of humor…lol

  • cr87129 3 years ago

    @3:55 security guard owns him

  • MOH aalsmeer (LSPDFR and More) 3 years ago

    i don't have sense of humor tonight, well at least the man is honest XD

  • Andrew Feminella 3 years ago

    4:18 the guy on the right is trying so hard not to crack up

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