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Hey Guys This Video Is Not Meant To Harm Or Offend Anyone, We’re Just Having Fun.

happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • Pedgie Dufort 3 years ago

    this dum

  • Asia Reynolds 3 years ago

    I'm dead I can't stop laughing at them

  • Puzzles32 3 years ago


  • Hexic Truman Chhan 3 years ago

    ahahaha coco puffs

  • Jaitajah folmar 3 years ago

    lol I am black and I was laughing to

  • Biruk Desta 3 years ago


  • Typical Clasher 3 years ago

    Im black and thr was funny

  • daniel mousa 3 years ago

    It's acting but it's really true and funny

  • anthony ortiz 3 years ago

    Funny as fuck

  • Thaina Raymond 3 years ago

    fuck you racist bitch I black

  • xXRJ.04Xx 3 years ago

    he said peace out cuz wearing blood colors

  • Tyler Shaw 3 years ago

    I was dead when he said holy shit

  • Luis Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Why does moco have white/gray hair

  • Damoya Ennis 3 years ago

    nun of that was funny it was just racist

  • Matthew Burns 3 years ago

    Those laughs are so funny

  • THE FIRST RyeLenDum (Ryeland tromp) 3 years ago

    how do you call a fat nigga eating cheese ……………. Blackrat

  • Hava king 3 years ago

    fuckin white people

  • Randy Ramirez 3 years ago

    so fucking funny bitches

  • chris banks 3 years ago

    the black priest joke had me in tears it was mad funny

  • NO FAT chicks 3 years ago

    who also waited to see the ball go in the rim but actually never landed

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