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We got a lot of great scare pranks from our fans since last Halloween.
10 Spider Gag Causes Spill 00:06
9 Mom’s Pantry Surprise 00:29
8 Closet Airhorn VS Angry Southpaw 01:12
7 Hot Girl Spider Prank on BF 01:37
6 Clown Dorm Room Ambush 02:22
5 Creepy Wake Up – Quiet Scare 02:43
4 Meal Worm Revenge on Hot Girl 03:13
3 Girl Gets BFF With Flawless Double Prank 04:40
2 Pig Mask Makes Guy Sing Soprano 05:48
1 Epic Spooky Doll Scare on Young Mother 06:42

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  • Toilet Gaming EST 5 years ago

    meal worms is maggots lol

  • Rookie Alien 5 years ago

    damn the first girl was hot

  • AudioSurfin Squid 5 years ago

    looked up "quick views," this was the first video that came up.

  • Troll Master/jacksepticeye is life 5 years ago


  • Jack Reilly 5 years ago

    Her tits are fuckin mint

  • Shubham Patil 5 years ago

    Why did he got excited after watching that spider?

  • Gama Isora 5 years ago


  • Lordreaper31 5 years ago

    Dat spider jump doh

  • jeremyNG25 5 years ago

    Girl at the beginning was sucking in her stomach so hard. You know she knew there was a camera filming her. That's how you know it's fake

  • Karla Hernandez 5 years ago

    she screams so funny

  • Karla Hernandez 5 years ago

    ewwww worms??????

  • David Tingwald 5 years ago

    Ok, so the mealworm guy and the last guy are probably still sleeping on the couch. lol

  • Corrin Lawson 5 years ago

    his reaction to the spider one LOL LOL

  • Kaneki Ken / Sam Sam 5 years ago

    I bet 80% of the people came because of the boobs

  • Revi Bisaillon 5 years ago

    6:10 thats a little fruity buddy… xx -rev

  • things you never saw 5 years ago

    0:28 her tits are fucking nice??

  • Psycho Zebra 5 years ago

    Honestly I find the girls slight abs to be more attractive than her breasts.

  • Samantha Morales 5 years ago

    At like 417it was so creepy that noise

  • fainted Gamer 5 years ago

    at number 5 when the boy screamed it sounded like music

  • Lichtblick 5 years ago

    is this real life?

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