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FIrst of all, dedications:

Mely: My Sizzy queen! She has the most amazing Shadowhunters videos, all of her fanmade promos, trailers and Sizzy videos have got me even more excited for the show and gave me hope.

Anne: I first found her when I saw her Clabastian video (a long time ago) and noticed how amazing and talented she is. She’s so funny, nice and has a huge Magnus Bane obsession just like me.

Alexandra: She has the best name on the planet, talks to me all the time of Skype about Shadowhunters, and we fangirl over all the ships together.

Thayna: I fell in love when I saw her Malec “Young God” video. She’s amazing talented and I’m super jealous of how awesome she is!


Please, please, PLEASE, like or comment or share this video if you love it. It would be amazing if any of the TV cast saw it, it would literally brighten my day. Please don’t claim this video as your own, I worked really hard and spent hours and hours finding the right clips, songs and reactions.

watermark: mine
coloring: mine
fandom: shadowhunters

twitter: twitter.com/emisonmalec
tumblr: emisonmalec.tumblr.com
ask: ask.fm/lautnerholder

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  • MiaIsBatman 2 years ago

    I've officially watched all Shadowhunters crack videos

  • Masti Time 2 years ago

    largest collection of videos you have

  • Icehair 2 years ago

    Okay. I love Sizzy. I'm all for Sizzy. But…Saphael anyone?

  • Panda Mellow 2 years ago

    can somebody tell me what song plays at 0:20? please <3

  • blehh_ DINA 2 years ago

    How did u get the clips before the episodes even came out??Im so confusedddd

  • Ginger Lóru 2 years ago

    I love it!

  • karen love 2 years ago

    song in 00:20?

  • David Masis 2 years ago

    does anyone knows the name of the first song where jace and alec fight toguether

  • Kat Stott 2 years ago

    1:57 omg me too

  • Kat Stott 2 years ago

    0:20 omg sameeee

  • Kat Stott 2 years ago

    0:20 omg same….

  • Maura Brown 2 years ago

    Alec is so fucking hot!

  • Nassira Rifai 2 years ago


  • Shadowhunters Fan 2 years ago

    what no thank-you for saving your life (starts to move her hair around it the cutest way)
    Demon venom
    clary- now your just saying words and why is the room spinning (faints into jaces arms)

    me:……YES..HELL Y-E-S
    clace fandom:asjxhskdhsksuggfjdhsk

  • Phoebe Leonard 2 years ago

    I'm trying so hard rn not to burst out laughing at 3am, this is too funny?❤

  • Alyssa Palomo 2 years ago

    Where are you getting these video clips from other movies/shows that portray the reaction of the fandom??

  • WolfyKat 2 years ago

    I was laughing the whole way through this video!!! ?

  • CatRuler 2 years ago

    I lost my shit when stitch came up like seriously i can't stop laughing.

  • Denise Figueroa 2 years ago

    Where did u get ur footage?

  • Lianne van Schaik 2 years ago

    Spongebob killed me xD

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