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  • Central_ Clipz 3 years ago

    u guys suck at doing it u SUCK ASS NIGGAS

  • Sweg_Lord 3 years ago

    i laughed too much

  • alexiiUC 3 years ago

    achuntale a la cabeza po chino ql jajaja

  • Prince Kyo 3 years ago

    This not funny at all shit , hoomantv more better than you

  • Bellssis Johansson 3 years ago

    You sucka

  • Ali Ahmead 3 years ago

    اني Ali

  • Kevin tweneboah 3 years ago

    5k likes 5k dislikes

  • Devlin John Maghie 3 years ago

    This is what the Janoskians done

  • Sean Alpern 3 years ago

    Prank gone wrong,sexual, man pulls gun.

  • Shiro Monsta 3 years ago

    One and only Shiro Monsta! (I still have no videos but a subscriber wouldn't be so bad)

  • Selfies_4 _ever 3 years ago

    3:06 The little boy with black and yellow shorts, your okay it's just water!! ??

  • Luz Ponce 3 years ago

    got beat by a girl

  • Hunter Johno 3 years ago

    Was frustrating to watch, an you hold the shampoo in front of them an turn your head like they won't notice it?? Proper retard

  • GhostReborn5 3 years ago


  • hibba alani 3 years ago


  • Archeryboy44 3 years ago

    Hey rice man. You fucking chink you should drink some hardcore bleach

  • Superfly Hoogveld 3 years ago

    not riceman but your the priceman and you are restoring humans

  • Emily Leclerc 3 years ago

    ew it's riceman fuck you

  • Luigi Turiano 3 years ago

    Great prank!!! Brilliant stuff lolol! Glad things didn't go so bad!

  • Kragen82389 3 years ago

    The girl with the green bikini knew what was up.

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