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A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry our rights our wrongs.
This song swept me off my feet during the summer of 2010!!
Hope you enjoy! =)
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happy wheels 2 demo


Laugh For Gags


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  • Leanne Styles 6 years ago


  • Leanne Styles 6 years ago


  • Adéla Nováková 6 years ago

    Shut up about Larry. This song is Camren af

  • Rafiluccio96 6 years ago

    1.27 "Er traffico de Roma" AHAHAHAHAHA

  • ninafer 6 years ago


  • Terry Kelt 6 years ago

    A love affair I'd say??

  • johnnyshamma 6 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Manjima Biswas 6 years ago

    LARRY AS FUCK!!! <3

  • Antonio O. Garza 6 years ago

    What sweet disposition means to me?
    A sweet character never comes too soon. For our rejections causes irritations for not surrendering to God…who watches over all of us. I hear parts of Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Then I hear of Jesus returning.
    But there is no submission to the Lord because when young…we think our breath will never stop.  However, the only cries of desperation won’t stop…until our life has ended.
    Therefore, we must surrender to our Lord, before it’s too late! For this reason, let us lead the United States and this dark world to the Lord! For, when we were once lost…we were given an opportunity, to be led to the Lord! Thus, we fisherman of the Lord must grow and lead as many, as will believe to Jesus!

  • Vanessa - 6 years ago


  • Martin Kolev 6 years ago

    500 days of summer !!!!!!!! ;(

  • Johnathan Vowles 6 years ago

    this song was on at end of 3 days to kill i love this song

  • Santiago Falla 6 years ago

    i like this song i inspirated with this

  • Sarah Sameer 6 years ago


  • Violet Foster 6 years ago

    Love this song!!

  • Tania Cabrera 6 years ago

    A moment a love a kiss a dream a laught a kiss a cry

  • taytay vandriest 6 years ago

    :) I love this song!!!!! :)

  • HeyHiHelloJon 6 years ago

    x D

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