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Best Vids of The Vampire Diaries Funny Moments Crack Humor Pt:1
TV Shows Funny Moments Crack Humor Playlist:

This video includes:
Nina Dobrev Funny Moments
Elena Gilbert Funny Moments
Paul Wesley Funny Moments
Stefan Salvatore Funny Moments
Ian Somerhalder Funny Moments
Damon Salvatore Funny Moments
Kat Graham Funny Moments
Bonnie Bennett Funny Moments
Candice Accola Funny Moments
Caroline Forbes Funny Moments
Zach Roerig Funny Moments
Matt Donovan Funny Moments
Michael Trevino Funny Moments
Tyler Lockwood Funny Moments
Steven R. McQueen Funny Moments
Jeremy Gilbert Funny Moments
Matthew Davis Funny Moments
Alaric Saltzman Funny Moments
Michael Malarkey Funny Moments
Enzo Funny Moments
Chris Wood Funny Moments
Kai Parker Funny Moments
The Vampire Diaries Funny Moments

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  • IM_A _UNICORN 5 years ago

    Song at 6:20 please

  • yasmin weisheimaer 5 years ago

    Paul Wesley Stefan Salvatore elena Gilbert the vampire diarios de um vampiro Damon Salvatore elena Gilbert

  • Cupcakereborn 4 ever plus a mix of everything 5 years ago

    I laught so hard… When the did little Einstein song??

  • My'Kayla Waddy 5 years ago

    song at 6:20

  • Ezgi Avcıoğlu 5 years ago

    omg this is the best tvd crack humor i have ever seen <3

  • Ginger Ninja1978 5 years ago

    Delena, Stebekah, Karoline. the ultimate otp

  • Ginger Ninja1978 5 years ago

    4:37 just what?!

  • Kat Wright 5 years ago

    "Im freaking hungry"
    "chunky monkey?"

  • Don't Diss Chris 5 years ago

    Omg that memories and mistakes one SO TRUEEEE

  • WandyChop 5 years ago

    what season and episode is at 3:14?

  • WandyChop 5 years ago

    music at 2:31?

  • Trinity Smithl 5 years ago

    "It's always gonna be Stefan" "KIDDING!!" God yes thank you lord Jesus CRIST

  • Alexuta Dobrin 5 years ago

    1:40 episode ??

  • Amanpreet Chung 5 years ago

    What's the song in the beginning

  • Layne Stevenson 5 years ago

    This made me laugh way more than it should have xD

  • Amani Hargrove 5 years ago


  • Sasha_ Marie21 5 years ago

    Song at 5:22 is panic at the disco – this is gospel

  • Vaneshita :3 5 years ago

    5:22 song?

  • Vaneshita :3 5 years ago

    5:22 song?

  • Rikki Malik 5 years ago

    "Mom!!! WTF!?" LMAO I CANT??

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