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Jay Baruchel arrives in Los Angeles to visit his old friend and fellow actor Seth Rogen, who invites Baruchel to attend a housewarming party hosted by James Franco. Baruchel is uncomfortable being around many people he does not know well, so Rogen accompanies him to a convenience store for cigarettes.
While at the convenience store, the ground begins to shake and beams of blue light from the sky carry away nearby people, but leave Rogen and Baruchel behind. The two flee back to Franco’s house amid mass chaos, only to find the party undisturbed. Baruchel tries to explain that it is the Apocalypse, but his theory is dismissed. Moments later, the ground shakes again and the partygoers rush outside. The earth splits open in Franco’s yard, swallowing most celebrity partygoers, while Rogen, Baruchel, Franco, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson survive by running back into the house. They take inventory of their supplies, set up a ration system, fortify the house, and await help.
Danny McBride, who attended the party uninvited and passed out in the bathtub, wakes up first. Not knowing about the crisis, he makes breakfast using the majority of the food in the house. The others awake and tell him of the night’s events, which he does not initially believe until an outsider is decapitated in their presence.
Later, Emma Watson, another survivor of the party, returns. However, due to a misunderstanding, she leaves, taking the group’s remaining drinks with her. Robinson is then chosen to travel outside to the basement for water, but finds the door locked and returns after an encounter with an unknown being.
Robinson’s experience with the creature causes him to believe Baruchel’s theory of the Apocalypse. The group reaches the basement by digging through the floor and they find the water, but McBride wastes much of it out of spite. The group unanimously decides to vote McBride out of the house, which they later rescind after McBride tells a pathetic story. When McBride decides to leave anyway, Franco gives him a revolver, which McBride then attempts to use to kill the others, only to find that it is filled with blanks. Before he leaves, McBride reveals that Baruchel had actually been in town two months before, but stayed at a Four Seasons instead of Rogen’s house due to their strained friendship. Later that night, Hill prays for Baruchel to die and is raped by a demon.
The next day, Robinson volunteers to explore a neighboring home for supplies with Baruchel. Meanwhile, Franco and Rogen find Hill unconscious from what looks like an LBS episode, but he wakes up possessed. Hill then chases Franco and Rogen while Robinson and Baruchel flee a demonic bull at the neighbor’s house. The group subdues Hill and ties him up, but during an exorcism attempt, Baruchel and Rogen get into a fight and accidentally knock a candle over, which starts a fire. The fire destroys the house, kills Hill, and forces the remaining four outdoors.
Franco suggests taking his Prius to escape to his home in Malibu, but a winged demon suddenly appears on the carport. Robinson volunteers to sacrifice himself as a distraction. The plan succeeds and Robinson is raptured. As the others escape, the car is intercepted by an armored motor home filled with cannibals led by McBride, who captures them. Franco volunteers to sacrifice himself to save the others and get himself raptured, which initially works, but he can’t resist taunting Danny McBride and the rapture beam vanishes. Franco is then eaten by McBride and his cannibals as Rogen and Baruchel escape. The two suddenly see a hundred-foot Satan approaching them, and the two forgive each other for their past issues and await death in an embrace. Suddenly a heavenly blue beam strikes Baruchel, but not Rogen, but Baruchel grabs Rogen’s hand, trying to bring him into the beam. By hanging on, Rogen would prevent either of them from ascending to Heaven, so he lets go to save his friend. Having sacrificed himself by letting go, Rogen is saved by a heavenly beam.
In Heaven, Robinson, who is now an angel, tells them that Heaven is a place where any desire comes true. Baruchel wishes for the Backstreet Boys and the band performs “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” in a heavenly party.
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  • Patrick M 5 years ago

    danny mcbride is amazing

  • Mohammad JT 5 years ago

    this is one of the greatest comedy movie ever

  • ElGranWisconsin 5 years ago

    Xzibit ft. Young De – End Of The World
    You're Welcome.

  • Cam Cam 5 years ago

    But, that's Happy Feet xD

  • SamGFilms 5 years ago

    What's the song that starts at: 2:50?

  • Moses Prakasham 5 years ago

    1:38 i died XD

  • ww wifi 5 years ago

    Those are the funniest guys hollywood has right now. What a great movie

  • Lucy Hannah Mae 5 years ago

    everybody lost their damn minds when Seth spilt his drink omg?

  • Glenda Crump 5 years ago

    What's the song in the back ground I like it

  • Allan Constanza 5 years ago


  • Allan Constanza 5 years ago


  • BeerBiceps 5 years ago

    Haha this was awesome

  • sweou 5 years ago

    So many HILARIOUS scenes in this movie, from Michael Cera on coke, to the possessed Jonah Hill trying to tittyfuck Seth Rogen haha! Also the last line in this video LOL

  • Pablo .g 5 years ago

    Jonah hills laugh at 5:25??

  • dasnurk 5 years ago

    Did they fucking wing it the whole fucking movie?

  • Tyrone Crump 5 years ago

    I like the song in the back ground what's the name of it

  • CKornegay612 5 years ago

    I wanna chill with all of them for one day!!!

  • Milly Solis 5 years ago

    my friends know me so well when they know this is my top #1 favorite movie

  • A Drill 5 years ago

    I don't know if this makes me a messed up person, but I would like to see an alternate ending to this movie where they all end up in Hell. And then Danny just falls in front of them like "Que pass hombres! Is this where you've guys been?". So….yeah, my opinion.

  • Keep Choppin 5 years ago

    this movie is so under rated

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