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Donald Trump! He’s “yuge!” right now but he’s also had his share of crazy moments over the years. Whether it’s getting into a media battle with Rosie O’Donnell or hosting his own reality show, there’s never any shortage of strange moments with “The Donald”. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down ten of Donald Trump’s craziest moments.

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  • Alonso S 5 years ago

    este tipo es el idiota con dinero mas grande jajaja xdxdxd

  • Bramblestar Gaming 5 years ago

    I hate Mexicans, you know they're druggies and rapists. Has Mexican wife model. The Mexicans love me!

  • IBN95 5 years ago


  • eddie ellingfod 5 years ago

    I don't like Trump, either, but will everybody PLEASE stop with the "he's racist" comments? It's annoying!

  • BigGold 5 years ago

    He's a fucking idiot and there is zero chance he has a three digit IQ.

  • Armandas Kondroska 5 years ago

    I hope that later Donald Trump will say: everything I said was just a prank.

  • Abdelkhann Hasan 5 years ago

    greed bitch

  • thomas surtees 5 years ago

    my favourite Donald Trump moment is the speech were he goes small loan of a million dollars

  • DankMemes 5 years ago

    The apprentice was made by lord sugar in the british seris

  • Dat Cool Guy 5 years ago

    So your future leader's racist?

    I see a Hitler in the making.

  • Rob Scitus 5 years ago

    love him or hate him

    He is already president

  • Aqilah Sykes 5 years ago

    Omg America's fucked lol. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THEIR FUTURE LEADER TO FUCKING APPEAR ON A FAKE WRESTLING SHOW. I'd move outta fuckin country lol

  • The one 5 years ago

    wait before i liked donald trump but now i dont……………

  • this video will be removed when he becomes president.

  • Supreme Shawn 5 years ago

    lol Americans are brain washed by this joker

  • Super Hard Gaming 5 years ago

    oh. the J in his name stands for john. thought it stood for jackass.

  • Daniel Krismer 5 years ago


  • Ward Dermaut 5 years ago

    Why isn't this guy shot yet?

  • Kingdomall Introductions 5 years ago

    he's an immature child that feels lack of sympathy for himself.

  • divya singh 5 years ago

    He's such a piece of shit !!

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