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Prank videos are huge on YouTube but not all of them are in good frun. These are the top 10 pranks that went too far.

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Dylan Lamovsek
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happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes




  • Raj devgi 4 years ago

    It's just a prank bro

  • Lazy lapras 4 years ago

    Best prank i did eh?
    My sister was cooking a chicken dinner and i decided
    To get one of my pet chickens and i then replaced the cooked chicken, with a real chicken
    And i said
    "Respect the dead"
    And now shes a vegan XD

  • Lyla Evans 4 years ago

    these pranks are stuiped and mean

  • Krista Bawtzmann 4 years ago

    I got hit and got a Big F***ing mark I started to cry

  • Seanka Gounden 4 years ago

    dude i think the guy u saying is colby is sam lol, i watchntheir vines

  • Enter Name 4 years ago

    ayyy, yaaaaaa babe….

    100th time that damn ad played

  • Sanjana Meduri 4 years ago

    top 10 dangerous roads in the world

  • Kim Richardson 4 years ago

    best prank is putting a spider on my mom with her sleeping??her reaction

  • liliana jackson 4 years ago

    he got Sam and Colby's names confused

  • Narian Dar 4 years ago

    salt in the sugar container… food colouring and water instead of alcohol… fake spider on an arachnophobia's pillow…

  • Sword Masta 4 years ago

    omg I saw #8 a long time ago

  • Makayla Doriety 4 years ago

    Dam dude romanatwood is the best and if you don't think that you should see the real him house ball pit and indoor snow storm he is very awesome and his kids love to do it with him I subscribed to him

  • GummyGuy 4 years ago

    Number 2 was a disgrace to the human race, but 1 didn't seem so bad, it actually was a little funny, plz, tell me it's not just me who thinks this ?

  • Cinnasaster 4 years ago

    Sam Pepper's kidnap prank was horrible
    An experience like that, faux or otherwise, can cause PTSD. It's a very traumatic experience, and I don't think that I'd be able to forgive my best friend if he did something like that to me.

    That prank was horrible and just makes me disgusted with Sam Pepper, and the other Sam for thinking it would be funny…

  • Nathan Vance 4 years ago

    laci green?! ha ha, it's funny she speaks about it

  • guy Man 4 years ago

    It's just a prank bro

  • Anonymous Nobody 4 years ago

    I'm surprized none of these pranksters haven't gotten themselves killed yet. I'm pretty sure I would've shot the guy with the chainsaw before anyone could've told me it was just a stupid prank.

  • 최윤석 4 years ago

    To be honest Roman should be banned from YouTube…

  • 000tc3ffA 4 years ago

    Fuck yo 5

  • James Amend 4 years ago


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