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Without doubt, one of the dumbest videos ive ever uploaded, but hey, what the hell, you gotta laugh!!!
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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Honey Punjabi 6 years ago

    fcking clark…bullshit…..he didn't even care..he proof that he son of btch

  • NAGA PRASAD 6 years ago

    Clark is a Worst Beatard @ this moment .Headstrong SOB . Don't even Know to say Sorry

  • Kiran Shetty 6 years ago

    Silly Crazy Clarke. its just a matter of no run at all.
    There was no need of pushing, making him fall to  such a Great , respected Sachin.
    Even arrogance of Clarke is displayed in front of World.  He walked like he did nothing.

  • aaloo69 6 years ago

    One of them is a living legend, the other other is a shirt fat overrated player. 

  • nirab manandhar 6 years ago

    no even sorry !!!

  • machinengage 6 years ago

    As bad as Clarke's not apologizing is chappels shallow defence.

  • doc cool 6 years ago

    Respect Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar….Dat's the reason he is knows as 'GOD'..who  forgives ppl for their immature deeds..Clarke doesn't even qualify to stand in front of sachin.

  • Nilesh Kadam 6 years ago

    And then God forgives him and smile….

  • manu singh 6 years ago

    Purposely done. What was he trying to pick; a ball or something else. Son of a fucking bitch

  • Adam Jones 6 years ago

    He could've at least said sorry what a wank

  • Shiva kumar Reddy 6 years ago

    Clarke May be you don't have any manners at all. Atleast say sorry..
    You same less fellow. He is GOD OF CRICKET. the LEGEND. 

  • Swapnil Sawant 6 years ago

    wtf. no sorry huhhhh…….

  • Malay Khakhar 6 years ago

    Rugby tackle by Clarke to stop Sachin from taking a run.

  • Cricket Buff One 6 years ago

    Rugby tackle by Clarke to stop Sachin from taking a run.

  • Abhinandan K 6 years ago

    Wts fuckin funny in this

  • NoN ViolenT ProcedurE 6 years ago

    He did't say sorry, fucking wogan 

  • tofani kanho 6 years ago

    Clarke will be carrying lifetime of a shame for 1 run. Thats Australia for you 'mate'

  • Sivasri Balaji 6 years ago

    shame on michael clarke ,not even a sorry :(

  • Nitish Singh Kaka' 11 6 years ago

    That's the difference between Australia n India
    Proud to be Indian

  • Egan Ryan 6 years ago

    It's not even funny

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